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Peter Jessen has been my sax technician for 25 years. He is himself a performing saxophonist, so he knows how important maintenance is to other professional players. He has also designed and built by hand the G Mezzo Soprano Saxophone. These are owned and played by Benjamin Koppel, Fredrik Lundin, Joe Lovano and several other players around the world. They play PERFECTLY.

Peter also designs and produces great ligatures and some mouthpieces. We have had a lot of fun trying out his newest designs over the years. I think to sum it up I will say the guy knows everything to know about saxes. A true Master. And just a great person to work with.

Bob Rockwell


Professional player for 60 years. 

Internationally recognised recording artist. Has played and toured with: Freddie Hubbard, Thad Jones Mel Lewis Big Band, Tito Puente, Chuck Israels, Gladys Knight, Tom Jones, The Ojays, Lou Rawls, DR Big Band, Ernie Wilkins, Marilyn Mazur, Bo Stief, Jesper Lundgaard, Georgie Fame, Ben Sidran, Tomas Franck, Bent Jædig, Tivoli Big Band and Jazz Group, Jesper Thilo... 

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